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Add the source you want

integrate your existing clipping feed of traditional media or any other subscription-based news source you need.

Automated content collection

Aggregation of information, posts, tweets or news is automated and supported across multiple media, sources and wires


Discover current events by grouping similar articles and posts into topics, with summaries

Automatic thematic categorization

Machine learning technologies allows us to identify persons, locations, organizations and more to provide you with separate content pools for advanced navigation via multiple tags


Combine aggregated content with archived material and content items you have produced in house

• One environment to easily retrieve all information
• Simultaneous, “quick” search for content in news aggregation and internal archive

Sol Media and Brand Monitoring screenshots

Role based dashboards

User profiles based on actual corporate roles and responsibilities with personalized dashboards which any authorized user at your company can access for the desired information without clutter

Refine search with simple or complex terms and keywords

Filter aggregated content by source name, type, keyword or even date and create your own information streams


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