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Flexible way of working

Our planning tools enables fully interactive co-ordination of all activities, deployed around an event driven workflow for setting tasks and timeframes and allocating resources. Editorial planning, embedded into the workflow, links events and editorial content. For example, you can either plan the creation of content or specialized news based on a specific event.

• Fully integrated with editorial and pagination procedures
• Easily configured workflows
• Role based access control per user to enhance security levels

Real-time monitoring

• Power users can overview all content production phases for any active project or title
• Deadlines can be defined and controlled
• Editorial teams have complete overview of their assignments, including notifications for updates
• Monthly, weekly or daily views promote efficient work plan monitoring

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Automatic Page Layout

Articles, interviews and other relevant material can be accessed at the layout stage as “ready-to-fit” or placed automatically. Content can be updated directly from the editorial database while the page layout is being modified. Integration with the most popular pagination software, like InDesign and QuarkXpress, is also supported.

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Editors and content managers can choose a template for a layout/page and assign articles to their respective teams, journalists or photo editors or start work with existing archived content material and associate this with specific layouts.

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Active collaboration

Our media-focused platforms ensure coordination between Planning, Newsroom & Archive departments and the Prepress and Page-Layout departments. News items & articles can be previewed in the selected template before the layout process starts; any required changes for the content to fit perfectly can be made irrespective of whether an automatic process is applied or not.


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