Looking for some real twitter analytics? Check out TruthNest for free!

It is now the time for all Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) community to enjoy TruthNest app  

  • TruthNest supports the identification of true influencers but also helps with the detection of trolls and bots via enhanced profiling of active Twitter accounts. 
  • TruthNest web app provides Open Data statistical analysis, resulting to a variety of KPIs related to the activity, the network and the influence of Twitter accounts. The production of these KPIs was based on both our domain expertise in the media sector along with social media analytics techniques, with the use of artificial intelligence, semantic analysis and network dynamics technologies.
In particular, we have set our extended know-how on content aggregation and analysis into good use, supporting the wider effort of tackling disinformation phenomenon by deploying relevant tools. In fact, TruthNest originated out of EU-funded R&D programs (Innovation Radar 2017), and has finally reached an adequate maturity level of functionality for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) community members to exploit. A simple visit to app.truthnest.com and a login using an active Twitter account is all it takes.

At the same time, it is important to remember that our parent company , Athens Technology Center (ATC), has co-developed Truly Media platform, alongside with Deutsche Welle (DW), in order to support the collaborative evaluation of the validity of user generated content.