The Key to being Heard in Brussels | part 2

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Discover the essentials of successful content marketing and how to apply them in the lobby and advocacy world. Explore a new technology solution that positions you as a thought leader.

From 3:20 onwards: Session 1 - Learnings from the latest content marketing survey in the NL and how they apply to Brussels. By Ed Peelen, Prof. Content Marketing at the University of Amsterdam

  • Essentials of successful content marketing; the state of the art insights and how they can be applied in your world.
  • Where do we stand? Where do we succeed, and where can we improve? The results from the survey
  • Recommendations 
From 23:20 onwards: Session 2 - Infoasset, the fast track to becoming a thought leader. By Gregor K├╝pper, Content Marketing advisor for ATC , the company that built infoasset, the European content marketing platform

  • Why become a thought leader?
  • How become one - the steps, the challenges, the technology 


Moderated by Florence Ranson, REDComms and Honorary Board Member EACD