Viet Νam News selects newsasset Publishing platform

Việt Nam News, the main english language newspaper of Vietnam, entrusted newsasset Suite to serve all its editorial and commercial operations.

Newsasset Suite is an all-in-one editorial, digital asset management & cross channel publishing platform. Newsasset Suite supports a common Content Hub and the ability to centralize editorial production for Print, Digital, Radio, TV, even News Agency activities, facilitating the implementation of a truly Integrated newsroom. The platform also addresses the Fake News phenomenon, providing specialized digital tools for journalists to validate user generated content. 

From now on, newsasset Suite will stand as the key back-end system to handle all print and digital activities (Web & Mobile environments) of Việt Nam News newspaper, replacing all existing infrastructure. 

Among others, newsasset Suite will provide the Việt Nam News newspaper to streamline its daily operations and reduce production times, since editorial planning will be integrated with popular pagination software. 

The project also includes the complete redesign of the newspaper’s online presence. In fact, we have undertaken the task to conceptualize and implement the redesign of the newspaper’s new website aiming to ensure ensuring optimal performance and usability across devices, based on the latest version of webasset CMS.